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ASME B89.4.10-2021 PDF DOWNLOAD. Methods For Performance Evaluation Of Coordinate Measuring System Software.

3 SOFTWARE FUNCTIONS In normal usage, CMS hardware is used to collect data points (raw data) on the surfaces of parts being inspected. CMS software can process these raw data to construct datums, part coordinate systems, and substitute features that represent the surfaces being inspected. From these constructions, the CMS software can evaluate such characteristics as size, location, orientation, and form. 3.1 Input Data Raw data to be used to test and analyze CMS software may be obtained by physically inspecting a test workpiece or by mathematical computation. The former represents a test of the entire measuring system, while the latter approach avoids operator, workpiece, environment, and machine influences. The latter approach also makes it possible to more closely control the raw data sets, including limits on their spatial distribution, as well as inclusion of artificially induced form errors. For software analysis, the latter approach is the most universally accepted and the most reliable. This is the approach addressed herein. 3.2 Data AnaLysis The raw data points are processed by mathematical algorithms with the purpose to calculate perfect-form substitute features. First, substitute features are calculated to represent the original data. Then the substitute features are used to evaluate conformance to tolerances or to determine other geometric characteristics of the workpiece. An alternative to the use of substitute features is the use of Functional Gage Simulation, described in Nonmandatory Appendix D.

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