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ASME CSD-1-2021 pdf download.Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers. CG-200 GENERAL PROVISIONS CG-250 Annunciator Systems CG-210 General. Installation requirements shall apply to controls, safety devices, and burners on automatically fired boilers covered by this Standard. For information regarding boiler and/or burner installations, refer to local codes. In the absence of local codes, see NFPA 54/ANSI Z223.1 for gas-fired boilers and NFPA 31 for oil-fired boilers. For boilers firing liquefied-petroleum (LP) gas or LP-gas air mixtures, the requirements pertaining to the storage container, the first and second stage LP-gas pressure regulators, and all components upstream of the point of gas delivery (see CG-700) are covered by NFPA 58. CG-220 InstaLLation Where used, annunciator systems and their associated test and acknowledgment circuits shall have all contacts, switches, relays, and lights arranged so that safety control functions are not bypassed. CG-260 Combustion Air (a) The requirements of combustion air shall be in accordance with NFPA 54/ANSI Z223.1 for gas-fired boilers and with NFPA 31 for oil-fired boilers. (b) Louvers and grilles shall be fixed in the open position or interlocked with the equipment so that they are opened automatically during equipment operation. The interlock shall be placed on the driven member. (c) Fans supplying air to the boiler room for combustion shall be interlocked with the burner so that air flow is proven during equipment operation.

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