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IEC 60034-4


IEC 60034-4:1985 Rotating Electrical Machines – Part 4: Methods For Determining Synchronous Machine Quantities From Tests
IEC 60034-4:1985 applies to three-phase synchronous machines of 1 kVA rating and larger with rated frequency of not more than 400 Hz and not less than 15 Hz. The test methods are not intended to apply to special synchronous machines such as permanent- magnet field machines, inductor type machines, etc. While the tests also apply in general to brushless machines, certain variations do exist and special precautions should be taken.
 3.5 In the formulae given in this standard for determining synchronous machine reactances, the positive sequence armature resistance, unless otherwise stated, is considered to be negligible
 When the positive sequence armature resistance constitutes more than 0.2 of the measured reactance, the formulae must be considered as approximate.
 3.6 The definitions of the majority of quantities and their experimental methods of determination, as given in this standard, correspond to the widely accepted two-axis theory of synchronous machines with approximate representation of all circuits additional to the field winding, and stationary circuits relative to it, by two equivalent circuits, one along the direct axis and the other along the quadrature axis, neglecting armature resistance or taking it into consideration only approxi mately

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